Add Some Free, Self-Service Training To Your Pardot Mix

February 2, 2018 mmodmarketing

Add Some Free, Self-Service Training To Your Pardot Mix

Salesforce offers some great virtual and in-class training for all you marketing professionals who are looking to sharpen your marketing automation skills. 

If you are looking for something a little more flexible that can work around your unexpected peaks and valleys in workload, then the new Pardot trailmix on might be your answer. 

If you haven't used it yet, Trailhead is the fun way to learn about Salesforce offerings, including Pardot. The content is broken down into modules that cover specific topics under the umbrella product. For example, there's a module on Pardot scoring and grading that explains how you can identify the best leads for your sales teams. 

While the five-day instructor-led course offers your structure within a fixed timeline to learn Pardot, Trailhead is a better fit for individuals who like to learn on their own time and with the discipline and self-motivation to get through the content. Trailhead gives you bite-sized content to learn, review and master. The content topics are organized into modules, which are broken up into units. When you complete a unit, you earn points by completing a quiz or a challenge, and when you complete all the units in a module, you earn a badge. The badges can be displayed on your Salesforce profile within the success community and on your LinkedIn profile. 

So go ahead and test your knowledge of Pardot while earning points and badges to celebrate your achievements. These modules are offered to Salesforce customers at no additional charge, so get started today!



Popular Pardot Units

Popular Pardot Modules

Learn what Pardot is and how it can help you market to other businesses.
40 mins
Use campaigns, forms, and landing pages to turn visitors into leads.
1 hr 20 mins

Pardot Trailmix

5 hrs 10 mins

Click to view the entire list of Pardot offerings on Trailhead.