1-Day Salesforce Training for Sales Reps and Sales Managers

November 3, 2017 mmodmarketing

New Course Offerings!

Are you looking for sales-specific training for your sales team or sales management staff? Great news, we are pleased to announce Salesforce courses tailored specifically for the Sales team.

These 1-day courses skip all the unnecessary administration features and get right to the heart of what matters to Sales – prospecting, pipeline, and productivity. The best part is that you’ll receive training on Salesforce by Salesforce (click the course name to find out more).

Sales Reps

Get your Sales reps up-to-speed quickly on how to track prospects, close opportunities, communicate with their clients, and run sales reports to manage their book of business.

Sales Managers

Know what’s going on before month-end. Targeted specifically for sales managers, these courses will help you analyze and improve the sales processes from lead assignment to deal closure.

Don’t forget about training for Sales Operations! These 3-day strategy courses will help your sales support know what can be done with the system and how to get the results you need to keep your teams on track.

Sales Strategy