Now Get Feedback on Your Salesforce Certification Exams

April 25, 2017 mmodmarketing

Pass. Fail.

If you’ve ever taken a Salesforce exam, you know that one of these two words displays at completion. While it’s great to get your final result, you’re left wondering which areas tripped you up…until now.

Salesforce now provides exam feedback for their multiple choice exams (English only). After the exam, you’ll also receive a percentage score for each section listed in the exam outline.

While the feedback does not indicate the exact question that was answered incorrectly, it does give you enough guidance to know in which areas do you need to brush up on your knowledge and leave you with a good idea of your strengths and weaknesses on the platform.

Where to Find Your Scores

To access your scores, log into Webassessor and view the details of the exam results. Your exam history will be listed under the COMPLETED EXAMS section.

Note: Scores are not available for Salesforce transition exams, release exams or beta exams. This feedback is only available for exams completed after January 13, 2017.

Happy Trails!