Content & Digital Marketing

The biggest part of a successful Pardot implementation is having a strong B2B content strategy. Not every buyer is ready to commit immediately, and your content can help educate them to a sales-ready state. According to the Pardot State of Demand Generation Report, 77% of buyers want different content at each stage of their research.


[Digital] content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.

~Jon Buscall, Award-winning online marketing & communications consultant



If your team is struggling to create content due to lack of manpower or time, we can help. MModern Marketing provides a full suite of on-going content generation solutions to power your Pardot efforts, and beyond.

Search engine strategy

Being found by the right consumers is an essential part of your digital strategy. MModern Marketing provides thorough research on the best content to use to connect with your target audience to help improve how and where you show up in search results.

Email marketing

Long live email! Email is still a very effective way of reaching prospects. Don't worry about format, content or frequency of your email blasts. MModern Marketing handles all aspects of email communications to your prospects and customers. Your emails will be on target, on message, on budget and layered into your overall communication strategy to ensure the highest level of results.

Blog, website, and collateral content

We write articles. MModern Marketing will work with you to identify your objectives, your subject matter expertise, and brand personality. We continuously research market needs, the industry, competition and consumers to provide relevant and engaging content for your website, blog or collateral materials.

Social media management

You know you need to be on social media, but maybe you're not sure which ones, and what your presence should be. We set up your accounts, research, and post all your content, engage with your audience and escalate sales or service opportunities. All communications are so in line with your tone, intent, and brand that we challenge your personal contacts to identify posts that are not personally from you.

Online advertising

An excellent way to gain exposure is by promoting your business, expertise, and offerings on other sites frequented by your target audience. MModern Marketing will research the best sites available for reaching your target audience, as well as develop engaging online ads to encourage the highest levels of conversion from viewer to prospect.