Marketing Services

Get help from marketers and sales professional.

Our team isn’t made up of just technical gurus; they’re experienced marketing and sales leaders. It can be difficult to explain CTAs, KPIs and ROIs to someone who has never put together a marketing plan, or carried a bag. The are also and Pardot certified. Our team of professionals help to ensure that your system works for you, and not the other way around.

We tie marketing automation to your sales process.

With a thorough understanding of prospecting, face-to-face selling, telesales, sales process, and sales reporting, we understand that the role of marketing is to feed the sales machine. Our strategic breadth of Pardot and expertise help you find, close and keep more business.

You are offered what you need.

Many marketing automation vendors have a standard “get started” program that they offer to everyone, whether you need all the options or not. Our services are tailored to your individual needs to make sure that everything offer fits your business, your target market, and most importantly, your budget.

You get a mix of old and new.

Does your print vendor understand social media? Does your social media vendor understand event management? With MModern Marketing, you get a team that has extensive experience in both traditional and newer marketing options and knows how to combine these options to offer you the very best in integrated marketing strategy, and how to implement that strategy using Pardot and