Don't Believe The Hype

Implementing a Salesforce solution is no small task. While the data and actual setups are time-consuming, there is one critical piece that can make or break your install - knowledge of how to use the system. Don't leave it to your staff to "figure it out" because they will come to different conclusions on how to perform the same tasks - with different results! 

  • Options. As a Salesforce training partner,  we offer a wide range of training options, from in-person classes featuring hands-on instruction to virtual training, self-led courses, private workshops, and more. 
  • Experts. Learn from experts who know Salesforce better than anyone else - certified Salesforce trainers employed directly by Salesforce. 
  • Hands-On. We offer instructor-led courses that combine presentation and hands-on work in a training system. It's classroom style, so you will be joined by other marketing professionals who are looking to become a Salesforce marketing expert. 
  • Indispensable. Salesforce technology transforms companies and Salesforce certifications transform careers. Earning a Salesforce credential is the best way to demonstrate the impact you make every day while giving yourself a competitive edge that leads to new opportunities.


Going Beyond the Click to The Sale

MModern Marketing was founded in February 2012 to help small and mid-sized business owners navigate the ever-changing world of digital marketing and marketing automation. We are here to automate, execute and explain the concepts so that you understand what should be happening...and what shouldn't be. Here at MModern Marketing, our highly skilled and passionate team of professionals are dedicated to getting you tangible, bottom-line results using and Pardot.

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