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Let's End Human Trafficking

Human trafficking definition: The illegal use of force, coercion or fraud to control another person for the purpose of selling them for sexual or labor services against his or her will.

There are an estimated 27 million people in bondage across the world, the average age of a trafficking victim is 12 years old and only 1-2% of trafficking victims are ever rescued.


People are not commodities, bodies are not property and souls are not disposable. 

~Yvette Montague, Founder, MModern Marketing

"You will walk the line soon."

This sentence fills the minds of countless young girls with horror, as mothers, older siblings, fathers, and uncles explain that they will have to prostitute to help the family survive. Girls are as young as nine. Girls with no education, no job opportunities and no way out. But there’s an organization that’s fighting this sexual exploitation in a unique way - with hope.

Head First Development is a not-for-profit working to create permanent change in regions where poverty cripples communities. They provide a three-pronged solution that provides a few with an escape from poverty and sexual exploitation. They have a sustainable development model that gets locals involved with helping locals, changing the lives of generations of women and children.

This model can work in many poor communities. MModern Marketing is proud to partner with Head First Development to help create a light that drives out darkness, and you can help too. Contact us to find out how your business can join the global fight against human sex trafficking.

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Nefarious: Merchant of Souls is a hard-hitting documentary that exposes the disturbing trends of modern-day sex slavery.

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Pledge 1% is an effort spearheaded by Atlassian, CA Technologies (Rally for Impact), Salesforce, Community Foundation Boulder, and Tides to accelerate their shared vision around integrating philanthropy into businesses around the world. Pledge 1% encourages and challenges individuals and companies to pledge 1% of equity, product and employee time for their communities because pledging a small portion of future success can have a huge impact on tomorrow. Pledge 1% offers companies turnkey tools and best practices, making it accessible for any company to incorporate philanthropy into their business model. To learn more or to take the pledge, please visit